Account enrollment statuses

Enrollment refers to converting an account (such as from a utility vendor) to receive invoices via the vendor's online portal rather than by having the vendor send paper bills to the client. CondoWorks will automatically download invoices from utility portals.

If an account's Enrollment Status is not ENROLLED, invoices for the account are not downloaded automatically by CondoWorks from the vendor. You need to upload paper invoices for such accounts.

An account's enrollment status can be viewed by clicking on Vendors and then Accounts, and looking at the Enrollment Status column. It's also visible on the Accounts tab of a vendor.

Common Enrollment Statuses include:

ENROLLED - the account receives invoices into CondoWorks from the vendor via the vendor's electronic billing portal. You do not need to upload invoices to CondoWorks for this account.

NEW - the account has recently been added or the first paper invoice for it was uploaded. CondoWorks will automatically attempt electronic billing enrollment with the vendor for such accounts.

WAIT-FOR-INVOICE - enrollment of the account into the vendor's electronic billing portal requires data present on an invoice. CondoWorks is waiting for a paper invoice to be uploaded by the client.

CLIENT-TO-ENROLL - CondoWorks has all data necessary to complete enrollment with the vendor's electronic billing portal, but the enrollment was unsuccessful. Common reasons include the account being already registered to another login known by the client. Accounts in this status will have the "Pending Username" column filled in with the login into which CondoWorks would like the account enrolled, and the client will need to perform this enrollment by contacting the vendor. If the client already has a login for the vendor's portal which has this account, the client can provide the existing login to CondoWorks to enable CondoWorks to complete enrollment.

NO-PORTAL - the vendor does not have an electronic billing portal. Paper invoices will need to be uploaded.

ACCOUNT-CLOSED - the account is either closed or was moved to another client.

CLIENT-INACTIVE - the client has been off-boarded from CondoWorks and is no longer active.