Approve a payment

When a payment is created, the relevant approvers will be notified by email. As a payment approver, you can either:

(a) Click on the link in the email


(b) Sign in to CondoWorks, click on Payments in the top navigation bar, and select My Payments Pending Approval to show all payments waiting for your approval.

You can choose a payment to review by clicking on the magnifying glass.

After selecting a specific payment, you can see in the Linked Invoices tab, the payee and source bank account details along with existing approvals for each invoice within the payment. There are also History and Comments tabs.

You can perform various actions on the payment from the Linked Invoices tab by selecting one or more invoices and using the following buttons:

  • Remove - removes the selected invoices from this payment
  • Unapprove - removes your approval (only available before any other required approvers have approved)
  • Approve - approves the selected invoices for payment

    The Pending Approval menu will show all payments that are awaiting at least one approval, even if you have already approved that payment. Use My Payments Pending Approval to view only payments waiting for your approval.