Auto-discover Utility Vendors and Accounts

CondoWorks can automatically find potential utility vendors and potential utility vendor account numbers from your accounting system. This feature is particularly useful for speeding up initial client activation.

To auto-discover utilities:

  • Go to “Vendors” -> “Add Vendor” in the top navigation bar
  • Select the desired client
  • Click on “Auto-Discover Utilities”

Based on your accounting system data, a list of potential utility vendors will be displayed. Select each vendor that you wish to add using the checkboxes on the left. If you’d like to add a utility vendor that is present in your accounting system but which isn’t displayed in the list, click on the drop-down menu at the bottom and select one or more additional vendors.

Once you click Next, a list of potential account numbers for the selected utility vendors will be displayed. Here you can also specify whether each account is on PAP and provide any utility e-billing portal login credentials, if applicable.

Pre-filled potential account numbers obtained from your accounting system data may be partial. DO NOT SUBMIT PARTIAL ACCOUNT NUMBERS. Enter ALL account numbers in FULL.

Enter only digits and letters for account numbers; don’t include any special characters (e.g. hyphens, brackets, slashes, etc.). e.g. for account 222-33333333 (999), enter 22233333333999.

If an account number is missing or no potential accounts were found, you can add more account numbers by clicking the drop-down beside “Select a vendor to add an account”

Click Next.

The final step of setting a Default GL is optional. If not all invoices of a vendor at the client are coded to the same GL, or if not all accounts of a vendor at the client are coded to the same GL, leave the Default GL field blank. Otherwise you may wish to select a GL to which all invoices of a vendor will be automatically coded by CondoWorks.

Click “Submit” and you’re done!