Condo Manager - next cheque enhancement

The CondoWorks / Condo Manager integration can be enhanced to to avoid duplicate cheque numbers and to better distinguish if a cheque originated from CondoWorks.

1. Cheque numbers in CondoWorks
  • CondoWorks will set up each bank account with a standard starting cheque number of 20000 on all accounts
    • CondoWorks will make this change on your behalf
    • You can check the next cheque number by going to Settings --> Bank Accounts and selecting the desired property 
2. Cheque numbers in Condo Manager
  1. In Condo Manager, open each CondoWorks client
  2. Go to Information --> Corporation
  3. Go to the Lockbox tab
  4. In the "Payable Lockbox" section, enter "20000" in the "First check number" field
Refer to screenshot below
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