Create a user

Management company users with with the 'CreateUser' role have access to create new users for their teams. To create a user:

  • Click on Settings in the top navigation bar
  • Select Create User

This will bring up a form to enter or select the following information:

  1. Contact information (name and email)
  2. Client - the properties you would like the user to have access to. You can either:
    1. Select specific properties from the dropdown list
    2. Select your "parent" client. This will be your management company name with "- Parent" at the end. If you select this option, the user will have access to all properties currently managed by your company, as well as any future clients created
  3. Role - the user's role. This will determine which actions the user can take on the properties to which they are assigned (e.g. approve invoices, create payments, etc.)

Click Create and the user will receive an email invitation to login in to CondoWorks.