Frequently asked questions

The password link in my CondoWorks welcome email has expired.

When you are invited to CondoWorks, the link to create a password may expire if it is not accessed quickly enough.

To login, go to, click Forgot password?, and enter the email address to which your invite was sent.

I have received an “Invalid CondoWorks email” notification.

If an invoice is sent to an incorrect CondoWorks invoice submission email, you will receive an email response indicating so. To find the correct invoice submission email, please refer to the invoice submission email instructions that you've received from CondoWorks. Alternatively, you can ask your client for the correct email address or find the email in the CondoWorks vendor portal, by following these instructions.

I am already using CondoWorks as a vendor with one client. Do I need to register again when invited by another client?

Once registered for CondoWorks, you do not need to complete the registration form again for additional clients. If you are invited by an additional client, simply click the link in the blue box at the top of the registration screen to add the client to your profile.

I have received an email indicating that my invoice requires revision. What do I do?

If a client requests an update to an invoice that you have submitted, you will receive an email via CondoWorks. Please do NOT submit a new invoice; instead use the Revise Invoice link in the email.

How long does it take for a submitted invoice to appear in CondoWorks?

A submitted invoice will be viewable after CondoWorks extracts the relevant data. Typically this will happen in under five minutes, but in situations where the invoice is not clearly legible or there is another exception, this could take up to 24 hours.

A vendor submitted an invoice to the incorrect client. How can I move it to the correct client?

Occasionally a vendor may accidentally submit an invoice to the wrong client. Luckily, you can easily move it to the correct client. Simply open up the invoice, click the Move button above the invoice, and select the correct client from the dropdown menu, and click Move. Please note you will only see clients that the vendor is registered for in the dropdown menu.