Submit an invoice as a vendor

There are two ways to submit an invoice as a vendor:

  1. Email the invoice to an email address unique to the specific property (recommended)
  2. Upload the invoice to a link unique to the specific property

You can find both the unique email addresses and upload links in the invoice submission instructions email that you received from CondoWorks when first registered for that property.

  • This email was sent when you were first registered for a property with the subject "How to Submit Invoices to (property name) "

Alternatively, you can find them in the CondoWorks vendor portal

  • Click on Clients in the top navigation bar and then select All in the drop-down menu to display a list of all of your clients with their associated invoice submission emails and links.

And finally, you can also contact your client who can provide your unique invoice submission email and link.

Looking for some tips? Check out this article: Tips on Submitting an Invoice

Video Walkthrough - Submitting an Invoice