Reject invoice, request vendor update, or move invoices to other clients

Invoices with errors can be rejected or sent back to the vendor for revision using the Reject button above the invoice:

  • Request Update by Vendor - sends an email to the vendor, with a reason provided by you, asking for an updated invoice. The vendor is sent a link enabling them to directly update the invoice. Once the vendor updates the invoice, its status will be changed back to New or Pending Approval as applicable.
  • Reject - rejects the invoice and emails the vendor the reason provided by you. Utility vendors are not sent an email.
  • Request Internal Update - does not send an email to the vendor, but leaves a comment provided by you. The intended use is for internal changes that do not concern the vendor.

If the invoice is correct, but the vendor has submitted it to the wrong client, you can move it to the correct client using the the Move button above the invoice. This will take you to a screen where you can select the correct client from a dropdown menu of all clients that vendor is registered for. Once you have selected the correct client, click Move to complete the action.