Revise an invoice

How to edit information on an invoice after a invoice revision required email

The best way to revise an invoice is in response to an email from the client.

If an invoice you have submitted requires clarification or an update, you will be notified via an email from CondoWorks. The subject will include "Invoice Revision Required" and the email will have the reasoning provided by your client.

To update the invoice, click on the Revise Invoice button in the email: 

If you have not received such an email and the invoice still requires revision, you may submit an updated copy, however, please AVOID doing so when an invoice requires revision as it could be rejected as a duplicate in CondoWorks. Use the Revise Invoice link to update the existing invoice whenever possible.

If you need to correct an invoice that is already in "Approved" or "Exported" status, please contact the management company to request a revision.