Add a vendor

How to add an already existing vendor to a client

To add a vendor to a client:

  • Click on Vendors in the top navigation bar
  • Select Add Vendor in the drop-down menu
  • Select the relevant property from the drop-down options under Client
  • Select the relevant vendor from the drop-down options under Vendor
  • Click Add

Only vendors that are registered for CondoWorks will appear in the drop-down list mentioned above.

If you do not see your vendor in the drop-down list, you may need to either invite them to register for CondoWorks or manually register them yourself. Please refer to Register a new vendor for more details.

If the vendor is not in the drop-down list but exists at another client, it may be because the vendor does not have a tax ID set. Please contact us in this case.


If the vendor is in another country, please contact us to add the vendor.