Code and/or approve invoices

As an invoice approver, you will receive daily CondoWorks emails for all invoices awaiting your approval and those awaiting coding. Simply use the links in each email to quickly open the relevant invoices.

Alternatively, to see a list of all such invoices:

  • Click on Invoices in the top navigation bar
  • Select Pending Approval or New (for invoices awaiting coding) as applicable

From here you can choose an invoice to code and/or approve by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Once in a specific invoice, you can view all of the relevant details of the invoice on the left and view the actual invoice on the right. You can also see the full history of activity on this invoice as well as any internal comments in the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

To code and/or approve the invoice:

  • Choose the relevant expense GL from the Inv Category (GL) drop-down
  • Enter a description in the Description box
  • Review and, if applicable, modify any of the other fields
  • If you are approving the invoice, click on Approve. If you're only coding the invoice, click on Save. If you have coded the invoice and would like to send it to the invoice approver, click on Request Approval.

Above the invoice, there are some additional useful buttons:

  • Related - clicking on this button will open a table on the right side of the screen listing all invoices for the same vendor and client. The list includes invoice date, amount, and status and can be used as a quick check for things like duplicates and typical invoice amounts.
  • Move - if a non-utility invoice was mistakenly created at the wrong client, you can use this button to move it to the correct client.

Once an invoice has been approved, its status will change to Approved. Following that, CondoWorks will sync the invoice to your accounting system in the background, at which time its status will change to Exported.

For details on rejecting or requesting an update for an invoice, please refer to Reject invoice, request vendor update, or move invoices to other clients.